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older Cisco PoE Switches: Controller port error

Yeah man!

i installed some new Cisco Access Points and connected they to an older Cisco PoE Switch, but they won’t work… strange ;-(

on the console i saw that there are some port errors like following:

%ILPOWER-3-CONTROLLER_PORT_ERR (x1): Controller port error, Interface [chars]:[chars].

searched @cisco.com i found this…

Explanation: : A fault condition was detected on the power controller. An port
error has been reported by the inline power controller.

Recommended Action:
1. Make sure that the devices are correctly grounded.
2. Check the speed/duplex setting on the remote end of the connection.
3. Perform a shutdown and no shutdown on interface [chars].
4. If the device is not an IP Phone – disable inline power on this port.
5. If the error message continues: There are several know bugs related to
this message such as CSCeb24148. Check the Bug Toolkit for bugs relevant
to this device and software version.

but the solution for me was…

Switch(config-if)#power inline delay shutdown 20 initial 20

and it worked perfect!

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